Ecozema® Catalog 2018

Ecozema® is the leading Italian company for biobased, biodegrable and compostable tableware. For the 2018 bilingual (Italian/English) Ecozema® catalog, instead of doing a simple update of products with the new logo, I entirely rethought the structure of it, improving its usability for both clients and employees, as well as making it more in tune with the new brand and more appealing to the eye. It was a great success and everyone loved it!

You can view the full catalog here.

My goal was to make it as clear and functional as possible (for eg. aiding the user to recognize the actual shape of a plate when its photo may have been misleading), and to make it bold and colorful to bring the spirit of nature and our new brand.

My tasks: Product Photography (preparation of food, plating up, photo shoot and post-production), Editorial Design, Illustrations and Infographics, English Translation.

Credits: Italian texts, Photography for the Front cover, the Back cover and Design category cover by Antonio Munarini. Photos of the leaf, ice cream and the spritz drink are stock photos.