Becoming a UX Researcher and UX Designer has equipped me to identify customer needs and help companies plan strategically and thrive.
Hello, there! 👋
I hope you're having a good day. This is the section where you can learn a bit more about me.
I'm generally a curious person whose interests span many fields. 
On the professional side of things. I have 10+ years of experience in design. Prior to this I wore many hats working for SMEs and startups in multiple industries as a Translator, Sales person, Marketer, Social Media Manager, Designer for print, web, e-commerce and app, and now UX specialist.

I have experience working remotely with teams across 22 countries and 8 time zones, using remote tools for asynchronous and synchronous communication, as well as remote collaboration tools.
Being fluent in four languages and having a multicultural background has allowed me to become a keen observer of human behavior, contributing to me becoming more empathic with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.
I find it frustrating to see people unnecessarily struggle with products or services, physical or digital. Things can be done better if given the right dedication and efforts to understand the situation through observation and analysis, and by making data-informed decisions to improve the user experience, so everyone wins: business and user. This is why I decided to switch to UX and Research, we should always start with why.
I aim to have a concrete, positive effect in people, bond with teammates and improve synergies and collaboration. After all, great team work and communication is the real key to success.
​​​​​​​On the personal side of things. I'm very much into personal development, expanding my mind and physical potential is something I constantly work on. I adore the Ocean and to explore its depths and amazing creatures through scuba diving or snorkelling. I love hiking, being in nature is so recharging. Before covid hit I was exploring the world of bouldering and rock climbing, hurting my hands and working on overcoming my fear of heights, ah! I love to travel, explore the world, and discover new places and cultures. I am a music junkie, and a dog person.
Hobbies: one thing I have nurtured since childhood and throughout the years, was my passion for beautiful handwriting and that is: Calligraphy, yes, with nibs and inks. In 2005, I started practicing calligraphy by myself with manuals and books, as a hobby. In 2013, I started taking online Lettering courses and for a few years I was also a member of the Italian Calligraphers Guild (Associazione Calligrafica Italiana), a place where I trained in and met other fellow calligraphy lovers. I showcase my letters journey on Instagram.
Feel free to reach out, I am always happy to meet new humans and connect! 
To view my detailed job experience and education, please visit my Linkedin profile.
👉 Feel free to reach out, via the Contact form 🤝
👤 Personality traits: Mediator INFP - T
3️⃣ My Top 3 Clifton Strengths: I’m a strategic thinker
🧠 Skills: UX Research, UX Design, Moderated Usability Testing, Unmoderated Usability Testing, Qualitative Data Analysis, Basic Quantitative Data Analysis, Customer Journey Mapping, User Flows, Workshop Facilitation, Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, Design Sprint, Web Design, App Design, Marketing, E-commerce design, Business Strategy
⚙️ Tools of the trade: DoveTail, Condens, Maze, Figma, Figjam, Miro, Mural, Adobe CC, Shopify, Prestashop, Wordpress, Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central
🗣 Fluent in 4 languages and learning: Italian, Spanish, English, French and learning Portuguese
🧐 Personal Interests: Women’s Health, FemTech, Green Tech, E-learning, Ed Tech, Oceans, Personal Growth, Accessibility, Behavioral Sciences
👩🏽‍💻 Experience working remotely with a Global team
✍️ Other skills : Lettering, Calligraphy, Illustration
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