I'm Sara Elisa, a UX Strategist & Workshop Facilitator. I have 10+ years of design experience in different industries, also as in-house designer in SMEs and startups. I'm a lifelong learner, I love solving problems, creating smooth experiences for users and a sustainable success for businesses.
Hello, there! This is the section where you can learn more about me.
On the professional side of things: I am a curious person and avid learner with 10+ years of experience in Design. I previously worked in Translation and Sales. My mindset has allowed me to wear many hats in the various working experiences I have had in SMEs and startups in multiple industries.

I am always seeking to help people who struggle with products or services, physical or digital, by analyzing the situation, making data informed decisions and improving their journey. Becoming a User Experience Designer has equipped me to satisfy customer needs and help companies thrive.
I am passionate about Planet Centric Design and Sustainability. I aim to have a concrete, positive effect in people, in organizations, in society and our Planet through the products/services I work on.
I strongly believe that having a multicultural background has allowed me to become a keen observer of human behavior. This has contributed to me becoming more empathic and aware of others.
​​​​​​​On the personal side of things: I am very much into personal development, expanding my mind and physical potential is something I constantly work on. I adore the Ocean and to explore its depths and amazing creatures through scuba diving or snorkelling. I love hiking, being in nature is so recharging. Before covid hit I was exploring the world of bouldering and rock climbing, hurting my hands and working on overcoming my fear of heights, ah! I love to travel, explore the world, and discover new places and cultures. I am a music junkie, and a dog person.
Hobbies: one thing I have nurtured since childhood and throughout the years, was my passion for beautiful handwriting and that is: Calligraphy, yes, with nibs and inks. In 2005, I started practicing calligraphy by myself with manuals and books, as a hobby. In 2013 I started taking online Lettering courses and for a few years I was also a member of the Italian Calligraphers Guild (Associazione Calligrafica Italiana), a place where I trained in and met other fellow calligraphy lovers. I showcase my letters journey on Instagram.
Feel free to reach out, I am always happy to meet new humans and connect! 
To view my detailed job experience and education, please visit my Linkedin profile.
Multicultural background + International expertise through study, work and travel.
Skills: UX Design | User Interviews | Workshop Facilitation | Visual Design | Web Design | Marketing | E-commerce | Strategy | SMM | Design Sprint | Design Thinking
Languages: fluent in Italian, Spanish, English, French and learning Portuguese
Software: Adobe CC, Figma, Figjam, Miro, Mural, Webflow (learning), E-commerce (Shopify & Prestashop), Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central.
Personal Interests: Accessibility | Women’s Health | Health Tech | Tech | Personal Growth | E-learning | Oceans | Sustainability | Circular Economy
Other skills: Lettering | Calligraphy | Illustration 
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