Personal work
Lettering piece I designed to represent the very essence of the quote: 
                "Everything will fall into place, just trust the process and look ahead".
I wanted to play with interlocking letters, like tiki lettering, and this phrase came to my mind, thinking it would be fitting for the style. However, while researching, the project evolved into a maze-shaped lettering as I thought it would be more fitting conceptually.
Similarly to when we are stuck in life, as in a maze, it becomes difficult to find a "way out", and so reading the text is not as easy as it should be. Eventually, with a little effort, the reader manages to actually decipher the letters.
A few shots from the initial explorations and process are included in the gallery.

Research process:
Grid Structure: 
Digitizing the sketch, the maze concept becomes more evident.

Final piece:

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