Challenge: Prepare prototype and Brand Identity for the app pitch
Team: me (and one of the founders)
Duration: 3 months (Jul - Sep 2017)
My role: UI Designer, Brand Designer
My Deliverables: Brand Identity, User Persona, High Fidelity Prototype
Outcome: The app pitch was successful. The startup got funded in California, USA, and has now been renamed from to PKRS.AI. The app was built for iOS and Android, and can be found here.
Context is an AI-powered training app that tracks your sports performance holistically. After processing the collected data through machine learning, a virtual coach guides you in 5 areas of your life including Training, Nutrition, Recovery, Health and Motivation, allowing you to reach peak performance
I was approached to do the brand identity and user interface for the app prototype to present the product in the startup pitch to get investors. The app was eventually funded in California, USA; however, I was not involved in the UX research or in the subsequent app design.
Logo Construction Animation 
Logo based on Arial font

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