Challenge: Redesign the landing page for TopStack Resume
Team: this was a solo project for a Web Design Challenge
Duration: 3 days
My role: Web designer, Copywriter
My Deliverables: Langing page redesign prototype

TopStack Resume is a company that offers career services, including writing and career consulting, for experienced people who wish to transition to a new career. The challenge consists of redesigning the homepage: we need to create a landing page that optimizes the conversion rate.
CURRENT PROBLEMS with the TopStack Resume Homepage

- Cluttered homepage
- No concise Value Proposition
- No proper Information Architecture
- Hidden information under the packages pricing
- Process is not very clear, information is scattered here and there
- It needs an aesthetic update.
GOAL for TopStack Resume Homepage Redesign: Optimize Conversion Rate

What actions will I take to solve this?
• Declutter the homepage
• Rephrase Value Proposition in a clear and concise way
• Express the pains and problems of target users
    - they see we understand them 
    - they trust us because we see them
• Show the solution we have for our target users problems
• Show a clear process so we can make them achieve their goals
    - it shows we have a plan to make them succeed​​​​​​​

• Job seekers between 25-60 years old
• Most users are located in the USA
• 5+ years of professional experience (TopStack Resume don't work much with / aren't 
  targeting students nor C-level roles professionals)
• The companies they work for vary in-line with general job market (no particular niche on 
  any particular industry)
• Most are going through a career transition (e.g. laid off / looking for other jobs 
  opportunities / applying for work now)
• Very few approach them simply to update their resume. It's almost always initiated  
  because of a need to apply for a job

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